What We Do
High School
Targeting Talent Program (TTP)
The Programme targets learners from schools in marginalised areas, and seeks to engage their active participation and that of their schools, to build capacity for mathematics, science and critical skills. The Programme intervenes at the level of the individual student. The Trust delivers the support through partnerships with Universities. The learners spend an extra 75 hours building mathematical and scientific skills and 150 hours building resilience and financial skills over a period of 3 years, before enrolling in University.
TTP aims to:
  • Improve the quality of mathematics and science in grades 10-12.
  • Strengthen the eligibility of students for tertiary education.
  • Build a pipeline for universities.
  • Ensure that young intellectual talent is not excluded from entering the field of their choice only because of the social class.
  • Provide financial counselling.
  • Provide psychosocial support.
Teacher Development Programme (TDP)
As the old adage puts it, “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten”. We cannot expect students to change what they do if we are content for teachers to continue doing what they have always done. The TDP recognises the importance of teacher development in raising student performance. The success of reducing costs and building efficiencies in the TTP rests largely on the strength of the TDP. The TDP is based on curricular and instructional strategies that have a high probability of affecting student learning – and, just as important, students’ ability to learn.
TDP aims to:
  • Significantly increase the number of mathematics and science teachers.
  • Deepen teachers’ knowledge of the mathematical & science subjects.
  • Sharpen teaching skills in the classroom.
  • Improve the quality of their preparation for teaching.
Higher Education
The scholarship targets learners from the TTP pool who are interested in pursuing degrees in selected fields of studies within engineering, science and accounting.
The Trust Scholarship programme is an active measure to promote access to tertiary level studies.
The Trust finances 100% of tuition fees of eligible students from disadvantaged backgrounds, covering tuition fees, accommodation, extra tutorials and stipends for food and health purposes. This is covered for the period of 4 years the student is at the institution. This investment is currently in the form of
a grant with no expected financial returns, only
social impact.
Skills Development
The Graduate and Skills programme aims to create employment networks for the graduates and place those who need entrepreneurial skills with incubators to gain such skills/work experience. The Foundation will work with a range of partners and networks to promote:
– Entrepreneurship & Graduates Development Programme
– Alumni programme
– Linkages to Industry
– Incubation programme
– Reskilling