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First combined welcome event for scholars
This year marked six years since the BPSA Education Foundation started offering scholarships to University students, to commemorate this milestone the Foundation hosted its very first combined Welcome Event for Scholars. Held at the BP head offices in Rosebank the event saw both Wits and UJ scholars brought together for the first time. As the Foundation we pride ourselves for not just being a funder that just gives out money but a Foundation that seeks to facilitate access and success at the institution of higher learning for our beneficiaries, thus the welcome event has five main objectives.
• To welcome new scholars to the programme and to integrate them with the existing scholars.
• To promote scholar’s identity as BPSAEF beneficiaries.
• To foster the spirit of giving back by encouraging participation in the Alumni network.
• To reiterate Foundations commitment to education and skills development.
• To inculcate a culture of good leadership as well as good citizenship.
Professor Loyiso Nongxa in his keynote address narrated a story of how his mother although not educated herself saw value in education as a possible equalizer. He reminded the scholars of a few things that, remain constant even though times change. Professor Nongxa urged the students to pay attention to being good citizen. He touched on how one of the biggest challenges facing our society currently is lack of Good Citizens.” BPSA is a good citizen and they believe in the future of a better South Africa and to that they have put an investment in the talent of young people like yourselves.”
The chairman further urged the students to immense themselves in the university life encouraging them not to be afraid to be wrong .He emphasized the importance of asking questions as students to which he further elaborated,” it is though asking questions that one gets a better education, because the response to the question that you pose yourself addresses that which you do not know” he said. Students were encouraged to surround themselves with people that they trust, people that they can rely on, people to whom they can lend a helping hand.
The scholars had an opportunity to interact with the BPSAEF board member who were in attendance, external stakeholders as well as the BPSA Mentors.
The scholars had an opportunity to interact with the BPSAEF board members, external stakeholders as well as the BPSA mentors.
Date: 19 Feb 2020