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Trust beneficiary joins RMB
Celebrated annually in June, Youth Month in South Africa pays tribute to the Soweto students who stood up against the oppressive education policies on 16 June 1976.
As part of commemorating Youth Month, we will be profiling Energy Mobility Education Trust beneficiaries from different fields of studies for the next two weeks. They will share their journeys, which date back to their high school days where the Foundation invested in their prospects of completing high school with excellent grades that will allow them to access higher education system.
In the last six years, the Foundation has funded 1110 matriculants through the programme. Out of these matriculants, the Trust awarded 115 scholarship for university studies in the last five years. We are proud to announce that 18 students have graduated in 2018, two are studying Masters degree in Finance and Chemical Engineering and eight have been absorbed by the job market.
Through various initiatives the intention is to see the South African youth succeed in obtaining quality education which will enable them to contribute to the economy of the country. This investment is proving to be yielding the desired outcomes and this year marks a milestone where we can track and see how these young talented individuals are now contributing positively to the society and their families.
This week we shine the spotlight on Anza Tshitovha who has a Bachelor of Science: Actuarial Science from Wits University and joined Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) as a graduate intern.
Anza was chosen to participate in the Target Talent Programme in Grade 10 and this is the opportunity, which led her to access other opportunities she has received thus far. Hailing from Limpopo with excellent matric results, Anza was awarded full BP Education Foundation scholarship in 2015. She maximised this opportunity by completing her degree successfully in record time and her honours in 2018.
Anza has always been clear about her career path. “I wanted to be in corporate environment where I could use my analytical, maths and problemsolving skills to influence the bigger picture,” says Anza. She decided that the banking sector would allow her to do this and joining RMB was a perfect fit. She says she owes this success to BP Education Foundation which made it possible for her to focus solely on her studies and not worry about funding constraints. Through the Foundation, she was also able to leverage on university mentorship support initiatives which opened career guidance and networks possibilities. Throughout high school and university, Anza accumulated a group of mentors to give her guidance along the way.
While Anza is still in rotation phase of the programme, she intends to maximise the network opportunities given by the company. In the future, she would like to use all the skills and experience she gains to build young people like herself who are enthusiastic about learning and growing irrespective of the type of space they find themselves in.
She believes her eagerness to seize all the opportunities that come her way is what made her stand out from her peers. “I always put up my hand whenever there was something new that could help me to be a more holistic person,” concludes Anza.
Date: 26 Jul 2019