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Beneficiaries share their success stories
As we wrap up Youth Month, we take stock on the BPSA Education Foundation work by sharing success stories of the scholarship beneficiaries who have joined the world
of work. This week we spoke to Ndumiso Sithole, BCom Graduate and an intern at Alexander Forbes and Lethabo Molomo, BCom Graduate who works as an accountant at Shole
Financial Services.
Ndumiso Sithole
Born in Soweto to an unemployed mother and a father who is a taxi driver, Ndumiso’s childhood was not easy but having his mother as source of encouragement made life bearable. He experienced hardships when he was growing up and school was a source of encouragement for him.
“My teachers believed in me so much and kept reminding me that I have the potential to become something great in life,” says Ndumiso. As a result, in 2012 whilst in Grade 10 he was selected to join the Wits TTP programme and that marked a start of a different trajectory in his life. He completed his matric with excellent results, which secured him the BPSA Education scholarship in 2015. Ndumiso completed his BCom degree in 2018 and had to enter the job market immediately after graduating to help provide for his family.
Ndumiso acknowledges that having achieved his initial goal of completing university degree and being a first graduate in his family, he intends moving forward and study for honours degree in Finance or Investment.
He cannot express his gratitude fully enough to BPSA Education Foundation for making it possible for him to obtain his degree. The Foundation also provided extra support services such as psycho-social and workplace readiness programmes, which are aimed at nurturing and promoting a holistic graduate into the world of work.
University proved to be a learning curve for Ndumiso and grew exponentially while studying. “University taught me not to be shy to ask for when I need it and to make informed decisions about my life. Nothing motivates me more than seeing people who have been in similar and worse situations than mine, achieving their goals without making any excuses,” concludes Nondumiso.
Ndumiso is motivated by people who have succeeded in life when all situations and circumstances were against them.
Lethabo Molomo
Lethabo is from Limpopo and grew up in a community where school is not a priority. She was fortunate enough to go to Motse Maria High School where she became
part of Wits TTP when doing Grade 11 in 2013. “One has to work hard and TTP gave me a different perspective to life”, says Lethabo.
She graduated from Wits in 2017 with a BCom degree. “Unlike many students, I didn’t have to worry about where I will get my next meal or how I will pay for my studies and books, my only job was to study and that was the best opportunity I’ve ever received”, adds Lethabo. The scholarship changed Lethabo’s life as values such as perseverance, caring, tolerance, integrity, accountability and humility, were part of the skills set included in the support programmes and those skills are setting her apart in her job currently.
She went to the University of Johannesburg to do the accountancy bridging course after Wits University and the Foundation was willing to fund the extra year because of her potential. After completing her bridging course, Lethabo was supposed to do her Honours but she took a tough decision to go and work instead because she wanted to find her passion and didn’t want to spend many years studying for something that will not fulfill her. “I got to experience what is like to work as an accountant, and I’m loving it. I know that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and I’m planning on going back to do CTA. I've learnt that hard work pays off and there are no shortcuts in life, concludes Lethabo.
Date: 26 Jul 2019