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Africa Aerospace and Defence Air Show
Driven by the need to make a difference in a country where education is vitally important BP feels very strongly that it has a big role to play in building the next generation of skilled, educated youth that can go on to join the specialised skills pool this industry so badly needs. Through BPSA Education Foundation, the organisation is contributing towards harnessing the youth’s potential as active citizens. The BPSA foundation supports excellence and opportunity amongst the youth right from school through to university.
As part of our aims to contribute skills and resources to the society and community where we operate in order to provide a lasting benefit to the community, the foundation took students to the Africa Aerospace and Defence Air Show. Through such initiatives the foundation aims to expose the students to not just employment opportunities but to accustom them to the work environment and building relationships in a number of industries. During this exhibition students took the opportunity to find out more about the aerospace industry and what vast opportunities are available to them within the field.
During the exhibition Air BP Director, Anthony Leon, and Air BP Technical Services Director, Justin Walker spoke on advancing aviation in Africa through efficiency and innovation. The air BP custodians spoke of their technical services offer, Health safety and environment culture, constant improvement of the products supplied, and their new partnerships that are set to amplify Air BP’s big industry player status. Air BP highlighted possibly career paths such as engineering, robotics and the digital space, moreover they advised the students to be flexible and passionate in order to cut in the work environment. Indeed after this presentation innovation, efficiency and safety culture remain the pillars of Air BP.
As an organisation we believe that young people need to be prepared to think deeply and to tackle real world problems in order to become innovators, researchers and the leaders who will be able to solve the challenges facing our nation in the present day as well as the future. The BPSA foundation strongly believes in taking responsibility to help young people realise their full potential, and as an organisation we are enormously privileged to play a role in the students’ progress and achievements.
The company is delighted to provide many bright young learners the springboard to pursue their dreams. We drive to help learners pursue stimulating careers which not only benefits them, but the economy as a whole. We strongly believe that it is our responsibility and privilege to help young people with potential to overcome barriers and as a result break cycles of poverty in the country and in the future, Africa as a whole.
Date: 3 Oct 2018