SAMBT and Tribe Impact Consulting focus on the successful integration of young adults with disabilities into mainstream society and employment in the open labour market. In this way, people with disabilities are able to gain independence and participate meaningfully in the economy. We further support our partner universities with their own disability units, enabling them to better accommodate students with disabilities. Tribe Impact Consulting As part of its commitment to investing in education and employment for people living with disabilities, the Trust is proud to partner with Tribe Impact Consulting – an organisation that focuses on the integration and up-skilling of intellectually disabled and learning-challenged young adults into mainstream economic activities Upon the beneficiaries’ successful completion of theoretical training and job sampling, Tribe Impact Consulting seeks to find permanent employment for them. Through its support of Tribe Impact Consulting, the Trust hopes to further education, development and employment for those living with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential, live their dreams, and make a meaningful contribution to their communities. SA Mobility for the Blind SA Mobility for the Blind Trust (SAMBT) provides independence training for children, youth and adults who are blind or partially sighted. To those with disabilities, independence training is key to their basic well-being, and their growth and development as confident, productive members of society. In partnership with SAMBT, the Trust aims to ensure access to basic services through the provision of independence training to young South who are blind or partially sighted, giving them increased opportunities for success, and hope for the future.